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Apulia or Puglia is a long, slender region with a vast stretch of sun-baked coastline. Apulia's southernmost tip, the Salento peninsula, forms the heel of the Italian boot. Apulia is bordered on the northwest by Molise and its western border is with Campania and Basilicata. Apulia consists of rolling plains and gentle uplands, sources of grain and the nation's largest volumes of wine and olive oil. Apulia's most prominent geographical feature is the Gargano peninsula, which juts out into the Adriatic like a spur on the boot of Italy. Today Apulia is a mix of both natural and man made sights: beautiful beaches, flat plains of wheat or olive groves, nature preserves, family run farms (many of which have become Agriturimos), large ports, and small fishing villages. Apulia abounds in castles, churches and ancient ruins - all of them still far away from the major tourist tracks, at least for now.

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